My first time in the Drakensberg Mountains

Its about 50 years ago that I remember the Drakensberg Mountains for the first time. I look back with fond and great memories of my childhood holidays spent here in these mountains. The Berg, as it is known colloquially, swarmed with youngsters who spent their holidays at such places like Cathedral Peak and The Nest. These were little places back then and have developed into sizable hotels and resorts. A lot has changed but then again a lot has stayed the same. There is no doubt the Drakensberg is no longer off the map. Its a bucket list item these days and has every right to be proud of itself.

While the Drakensberg is sometimes referred to as the Mountain of Dragons, it will always be known as one of South Africa’s most grand and natural wonders. Those who hold the Drakensberg closest to their heart are those who have such great childhood memories of being in this untouched wilderness.

A trip to the Drakensberg allows visitors to relax and escape from their busy lives and enjoy pastimes like hiking, trout-fishing, canoeing, exploring, or just enjoying relaxing pastimes of just being.

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation in the Drakensberg

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